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Our Values

Our Values

1.     Equality and Shared Humanity
To understand the struggles and difficulties experienced by people using and working in services from a perspective of shared humanity. We are committed to anti-discriminatory practice and promoting the value of diversity in all its forms.

2.     Empowering Communication
We believe that labels, including mental health diagnoses, broad behavioural descriptors (e.g. pejorative descriptions of types of drug use or emotional regulation patterns) and identity labels can be experienced as stigmatising and serve to reinforce unhelpful societal power differences and so should be avoided. We aspire to use language that is empowering, inclusive and valuing the whole person.

3.     Mutual Respect and Continuous Learning
To maintain an open and curious approach remembering that learning never stops.

4.     Prizing all forms of Lived Experience
Understanding that people working in services have a wealth of experience and knowledge, both personal and occupational, and our role is to enable them to appreciate, value and use this experience to improve their working practices and to develop.

5.     Straightforward sharing of Expertise
To share expertise without using jargon in an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual respect.